Saturday, April 5, 2008

Building for Beijing

I’m certainly feeling the effects of race walking again.  My legs are extremely tired but handling the increase in kilometres quite well.

I have also been busy off the road as well!  My first appearance in 2008 for my partner MBF was in Palmerston in the Northern Territory.  MBF is a sponsor for a wellness programme in this city just outside Darwin called “Palmlesstonnes” and I went t o help launches the 2008 edition.  It’s a fantastic initiative organised my the Dept. General Practitioners and Palmerston Council to encourage people to get active and they have regular organised walks and physical exercises as well as educational programmes for participants for the duration of the programme.  

I have also attended the Weet-Bix TRY-Athlon in Newcastle, Melbourne and Sydney on behalf of the MBF Foundation.  It was a great to see the smile on the kids faces when they crossed the finish line and I put a gold medal around their neck; every kid who finished received a medal and certificate.  Even though in Melbourne and Newcastle the weather wasn’t super all the kids had loads of fun. Especially Camille in Melbourne who finished even though she had a flat tyre on her bike (see photos).

On 29th February I was one of six athletes who launched the Australian Olympic Team Formal Uniform at the Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney.  Ky Hurst and I were on Channel 7’s Sunrise programme “modelling” the uniform with Sportscraft (the designers) Ambassador and real model Kristy Hines (she is stunning and of course very tall! See photos).  The uniform is very comfortable and stylish and the shoes will be great to wear for hours at the formal functions in Beijing.

I’m also an ambassador/”coach” for the Aussie Workplace Challenge. The Aussie Workplace Challenge™ is a unique 12 week corporate walking and activity challenge featuring me as the animated ‘Coach’ guiding teams of employees on a virtual adventure around Australia. It’s fully customisable to create a specific event for each team.  I’m encouraging lots of businesses to get their employees active and participate in this fun and challenging programme.  If you want more information go to or send me an email through “Ask Jane” on my website.

I have been training quite well slowly building up my kilometres and hope to race in Europe to qualify for Beijing in April, so I plan to leave in a couple of weeks.  

All going well I will be sending you my next update from Europe.  Thanks for your support.

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