Monday, June 16, 2008

Returning to Hard Training

I'm currently back in my old base in Spain; Oliva (south of Valencia). I'm training here for a couple of weeks. It's great to be back on my old bike path in the middle of the orange farms!

I had planned on racing the IAAF Race Walking Challenge in La Coruna on 7th June, however I withdrew the week before the race. My training wasn't progressing well and I was really tired so matt and I didn't see the need to overdo it at this stage. I had a week of easy training and now I'm back into hard training for Beijing.

Although I did travel to La Coruna for the IAAF Race Walking Committee meeting which was held the day after the competition. It was my first appearance at a meeting and it was a huge learning curve. I think race walking is in great hands as there was some positive discussion about the future of our event.

I'm staying here for another week before heading back to Girona for a week then onto St Moritz for a month of altitude training.

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