Monday, August 4, 2008

Last couple of weeks

I just arrived in Kochi, Japan on Thursday. I have joined all the other Aussie walkers here. This is our training base before travelling to Beijing. I spent a few days in Girona, Spain last week after coming down from altitude in St Moritz on 1st August. Matt is here with me in Kochi and will travelling to Beijing also.

My last ten days in St Moritz was a little disrupted as my shin flared up with tendonitis. I had a lot of treatmant and had to do mostly cross training for that time, back in the pool and cycling! Although I have been able to complete all my speed sessions race walking since coming back to sea level.

It was a little stresstful but I kept thinking of Nathan Deakes who has to sit out the Olympics after tearing his hamstring tendon from the bone whilst in St Moritz, so I made sure I worked hard every session knowing that my injury was nothing. Nathan had surgery last week to have the tendon re-attached. Nathan started at the AIS in Canberra when I was down there in 1997 and we have travelled to many training camps together over the years, especially until 2002 when we both had the same coach Ron Weigel. So it was absolutely devastating when I found out the full extent of his injury. Sport has incredible "highs" but there are also a lot of "lows" that aren't publicly displayed so it's difficult for people to understand the emotional roller coaster that athletes are on. Especially as Nathan was the World Champion last year it must be incredibly difficult time for him at the moment. But I know Nathan very well and he will be more determined than ever to get his hamstring rehabilitated and back out on the track for the 2009 World Champs in Berlin. Watch out all the 50km walkers because he will be incredibly difficult to beat!

Hopefully will write again once I arrive at the Village in Beijing on Friday!

Here are some other photos from my training at St Moritz.

Above: Yes, that's a plane landing over my head at Samedan Airport near St Moritz.

Chatting with the Cows at Samedan Airport!

Where has summer gone?

5 Degrees and Rain around St Moritz Lake with WASHING UP gloves!

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trailblazer777 said...

All the best to you and Matt and all the Aussies in Beijing!!!

Jarrads surprise bronze and an excellent 6th from Luke already a massive highlight!

Hope Nathans rehab goes well!
So true about the emotional rollercoaster of sport...
Big win from the Rabbitohs the other day I think...

great photos, have to laugh re the talkative cows and the washing up gloves :-)