Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Beijing in writing

Well it's been nearly three weeks since my race in Beijing and it's definitely time I wrote something. Sorry for the lateness but I couldn't get my head around writing about it. To say I was disappointed is an understatement, I certainly planned to compete much better. Unfortunately my body couldn't cope and the cross training (swimming and riding) every second day wasn't enough. The race was very fast and I was really counting on hot day and slow race. Who would have bet: torrential rain and 19 degrees for the start! But it was the same conditions for all the women. I gave it my best shot and went out with the lead pack and tried to hold on for as long as possible. The second half certainly felt a lot longer! My shin/foot didn'y hurt too much during the race (thanks to a local injection). The results and times of the race were incredibly fast for the winners especially with the poor weather. I was joking afterwards that had the puddles been a little deeper I could have swam; I certainly would have it over them if that was the case! It was good to have Matt, Mum, Dad and my friends Sandra and Justin there to cheer me in the race and for company afterwards.

After my race in Beijing I supported as many other Aussie athletes; I cheered the Aussie men loudly in the the semi final the hockey against Spain (unfortunately we lost) and of course watched the athletics at the Birds Nest. The Australian Athletics Team was a fantastic group and their achievements in Beijing were great, especially the medallists Steve Hooker (Gold, Pole Vault), Jared Tallent (SIlver, 50km Walk and Bronze 20km Walk), Sally McLellan (Silver 100m Hurldes). It was an honour to captain the team.

I travelled back to Australia on the QANTAS Charter which was a lot of fun. I spent a couple of weeks in Sydney and attended two functions for my partners MBF and SALMAT. I enjoyed sharing my Beijing experience with them and catching up with theire staff.

I'm now back in Spain preparing for the IAAF Challenge Final in Murcia on 21st September. I'm currently in 8th position overall on the Challenge and I'm hoping I can move up with a decent performance in Murcia. Although my foot/shin hasn't improved a lot since Beijing. I have been training since the Games but have had to maintain cross training as part of my programme with race walking sessions. I did walk some sessions and then after consultation with the Dr I decided to have another cortisone injection. This time it was in my foot and guided by ultrasound. Fingers crossed that it won't become inflammed again and I can get some good sessions in the next 12 days here before the Final!

Thanks to everyone who supported me in the lead up to Beijing; your messages of support were a great help.

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trailblazer777 said...

Well done! You did Australia proud as always! Sure was a fast race that would have needed a massive PB in wet conditions to be in medals mix, and an injury punctuated prep was always going to make it difficult. good comment about the puddles haha *LOL*, not too many state swimmers/ironwomen if any in the field...

Fantastic efforts from Jarrad Tallent! Unbelievable! His success is partly due to the incredible trailblazing efforts that yourself,Nathan,Luke other Australian racewalking legends have done in recent years at Athens and elsewhere, to show it could be done.

Thanks for the photos!, and hope you enjoy the variety of crosstraining and the injuries come good soon. Hopefully Nathan will be racing again too in the near future?

All the best in Spain!